Apiary offers Royal Jelly,Honey,Bee Venom,Propolis,Bee Pollen and Bee Larva,honeybee venom..these nature bee products have high quality.we have product more beekeeping toos,wax foundation,bee smokers,honey extractor




Plastic 8-way escape Plastic 8-way escape,made by plastic,yellow colur The 8 way Bee escape is injection moulded in white plastic, It is circular, 258mm in diameter. The volume of space that it encloses is an eight pointed star. Each outlet nozzle i

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Hive tool Hive Tool 9 inch, straight. A no nonsense tool, well made, with formed nail puller. Bright Yellow, to be spotted in the grass if dropped. &nb

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Queen marking cage with plunger Find the queen and place her inside, 'gently' depress the plunger to hold her against the mesh while marking. Useful to restrain the queen to prevent the mark from being rubbed off while still wet. &nbs

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Queen clip catcher Plastic butterfly clip style.Hold queen when working hive.Less risk of damage to queen. &nbs

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Wire crimper plastic handle with metal,For those who still hand wire their own frames. Placed on the completed wire, grip tight, then pull along the wire, it will crimp the wire and tighten in one movement.

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Plastic Pollen Trap It is made from plastic.it is puted on the front of the beehive.it cancollect more pollen.when the bee fly through this box.Their pollen will be collected the botten box. We have others pollen trap.it is usually used in china.

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Plastic extractor A honey extractor is a barrel-like mechanical device used in the honey harvest. A honey extractor extracts the honey from the beeswax or honey comb without damage.

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